31. How Can Somatic Movement Help Recalibrate Your Nervous System After Pregnancy Loss? With Jordana Toback

May 09, 2024

How can somatic movement help recalibrate your nervous system after pregnancy loss? On today’s episode, I have Jordana Toback on. Jordana is a somatic movement coach. She works with people to recalibrate their nervous systems so they can create safety and containment in their bodies. We discuss the importance of the nervous system in fertility and pregnancy, and how movement can help release emotional blocks. Jordana shares her personal journey of pregnancy loss and how it led her to her current work. We also explore the concept of dissociation, fight or flight, and inner child work. Reflecting on our experiences with pregnancy loss, we discuss how it transformed our lives and led us to serving others. I hope that this episode helped you today!

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