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See what practitioner students are saying; 

Carrie Walker

The Pregnancy Loss Practitioner Program is absolutely amazing! Sharna is extremely knowledgeable, and the information that she shared was very eye-opening! I'm so thankful for being able to engage in this course! Thank you Sharna!!!

Rochelle Olsen

Having the direction & your framework that's the biggest thing & that in turn creates the motivation because you're clear on where you're going.

I needed something to help me pull all my ideas together to create a high value program that was aligned to me & was going to generate the income I needed.

There is really nothing out there like this Program, to be honest, Sharna, you’re doing an amazing job.

This also allows you the opportunity to see what it’s like to be with your own clients. How you can structure & provide your own service

Anita Peters

Completing the Pregnancy Loss Practitioner Course has been life changing. The way Sharna teaches and the materials in the course have incredibly impressed me. What seemed fairly straightforward was profound. In the course Sharna addresses healing modalities for yourself and also for you to help others. There was no time frame on having to complete the course, but as soon as I commenced, it ignited a spark within me and with any spare moment I got, I was learning. Sharna was nothing short of extraordinary and answered every question I had. I am really grateful for the learning and growth of this course and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to know how to help other women navigate pregnancy loss.