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Pregnancy Loss & Trauma Informed Practitioners 

Sharna Southan

Podcast Host, Founder of The Institute of Healing through Pregnancy Loss & Creator of The Pregnancy Loss & Trauma Informed Practitioner Certificate.

I am a Pregnancy Loss Practitioner, Self-Healing Spiral Practitioner, and Trauma-Informed Coach dedicated to raising awareness around pregnancy loss and trauma. As a Pregnancy Loss Educator and Online Event Facilitator, my mission is to empower loss mums and professionals by providing holistic healing support & training more women to step into that support role!

My approach focuses on enhancing future fertility outcomes through comprehensive care and education. I am committed to creating a nurturing environment that fosters understanding and healing, guiding women through their journey towards recovery and resilience.

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Rochelle Olsen

The Baby Loss Mentor

A pregnancy loss practitioner, mental health first aider. Rochelle is a Baby Loss Mum herself
Rochelle specialises in mentoring Mum’s who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. She is a lamplighter; a sounding board & a support for women who have experienced the trauma of baby loss. Rochelle has a passion to serve rural & remote women who experience huge gaps in the provision of services after loss on top of the isolation of their location & alongside their grief. Rochelle will be expanding her services soon as she undertakes Level Two of the Practitioner Certification.


Belinda Owen 

Pregnancy after loss support.

Belinda is a Loss mum & NICU Mum, Founder of Bella You Coaching, Life coach & Pregnancy Loss Practitioner, Through 1:1 Coaching, Belinda supports women who have experienced Pregnancy loss navigate their life after loss & navigate Pregnancy After loss. She is expanding her services to as she undertakes Level Two of the Practitioner Certification.


Tijana Žganec Koprivnjak

Tijana is a Bereavement Doula & Pregnancy Loss Practitioner. She is a loss mum herself & She supports women navigating life after pregnancy loss. She has created nurturing group programs with program expansion in the works as she undertakes Level Two of the Practitioner Certification.

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Amber Wood

Amber Wood is an Angel Mama, certified Pregnancy Loss Practitioner, and Founder of Scales & Alchemy. She brings forth a tapestry of sacred practices, and it’s through the use of her innate wisdom, divine guidance, formal and informal education and a multi-dimensional approach that encourages expansive evolution in her clients. Amber embraces her role in removing barriers to her clients’ self-discovery - cultivating an environment where they can lean into their own inner wisdom for guidance in healing their loss wounds, and she is committed to continually creating introspective, nurturing sanctuaries for any soul on this path.

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Lisa O'Connor

Lisa O’Connor, a compassionate Pregnancy Loss Practitioner and Trauma-Informed Specialist, provides empathetic support to women navigating life after pregnancy loss. After earning a BA in Applied Social Studies in Social Care, Lisa's personal journey through twin loss in 2019 led her to specialize in this field.

She offers personalized care, helping women calm their nervous systems and reconnect mind and body, using evidence-based practices. Lisa is committed to creating a safe, nurturing environment, empowering women to find strength and resilience.

Currently, Lisa is developing 1:1 services to offer continuous support and compassion. Connect with Lisa on Instagram.


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Pregnancy Loss Practitioners 

Taylor Lewis

The Reproductive Realities Project - dedicated to shining a light on the realities of pregnancy loss and fertility challenges. The goal is to change the Australian education curriculum to include these topics in Sex education.
One thing I’ve noticed in a world where we often sidestep these topics- pretending they don’t exist only perpetuates the silence. And silence helps nobody.
Every single day thousands of individuals and families face loss, grief and heartache yet somehow our culture remains silent around it.
I think it’s time we try to change this narrative to educate and somewhat prepare the next generation. They deserve it. And it’s long overdue.
Barriers need to be broken and conversations need to be had.


Anita Peters


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Seane Thomas

Seane has started her offerings to support you through EFT Tapping after loss


Carrie Walker

Grief Coach specialising in Pregnancy & Infant Loss


Jelissa Umpierre

Jelissa is a grieving mother and a compassionate baby loss peer mentor and support group facilitator. Jelissa offers comfort and guidance to others navigating the challenging path of grief. Since her daughters passing, Jelissa has committed herself to establishing a nurturing and empathetic haven for those who have experienced baby loss


Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams is a nurse practitioner with over 10 year experience in the medical field. Brooke has worked in family medicine and currently emergency medicine. Brooke has experienced miscarriage and the still birth of her son in 2020 which drastically changed her world. With her medical knowledge and compassion for loss mothers, she has created a specialty in helping mother with processing grief after loss. 

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