Transformation after Trauma Intensive

Embracing resilience, reclaiming strength.

Your path to healing after pregnancy loss trauma starts here.

** because Pregnancy loss no matter at what stage you lost your babe, can be a very traumatic experience **


What you'll get:

  • Deep understanding & validation
  • Tangible Tools to empower & support yourself
  • Break through blocks or self sabotage due to stored trauma 
  • Learn how you can heal yourself & maintain it


With this program you recieve FOUR 1:1 SESSIONS + individualised support in between sessions

** Sessions will be booked once the payment is made.

Trauma Healing Intensive - Overview

The Trauma Healing Intensive is a comprehensive and transformative program designed to support you on their healing journey from trauma. This intensive program is crafted to provide a safe and nurturing environment for you to explore and heal the wounds of your past and present traumas.

Combining evidence-based techniques, therapeutic modalities, and expert facilitation, this program offers a holistic approach to trauma recovery.

The program spans over a condensed period, either 4 weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

Throughout the Trauma Healing Intensive, you will have the opportunity to delve deep into your trauma experiences, gain insights, and develop tools and strategies for recovery.

Key Components of the Trauma Healing Intensive:

1. Psychoeducation and Awareness: You will receive comprehensive education on trauma, its psychological and physiological impacts, and the different types of trauma. Enhancing awareness around trauma symptoms and their effects empowers individuals to better understand their experiences and the healing process.

2. Individual sessions: Individual sessions provide a safe and confidential space for you to explore your personal traumas fostering empathy, validation, and collective healing.

3. Evidence-Based Techniques: The Trauma Healing Intensive incorporates evidence-based techniques, such as Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, and expressive therapies. These techniques are tailored to meet the diverse needs of participants, addressing their unique trauma triggers, symptoms, and healing goals.

4. Self-Care and Resilience Building: A central focus of the Trauma Healing Intensive is the cultivation of self-care practices and building resilience. 

You will learn self-regulation techniques, stress management strategies, and healthy coping mechanisms to support their ongoing healing journey and enhance their overall well-being.

5. Integration and Aftercare: As the program concludes, you are supported in integrating your healing experiences into your daily life.


The Trauma Healing Intensive offers a powerful and transformative opportunity for your to move beyond the limitations of trauma and reclaim your lives.

By addressing the wounds of the past, you can cultivate resilience, find empowerment, and create a foundation for a brighter future.


What People Are Saying:

“I had been searching for this support for YEARS. Our work together was more impactful than 7 months of therapy.”


From the very first session the clouds began to remove themselves. I had a new sense of self. She is a safe place to talk about the things that are not so easy to talk about. With her understanding & compassion, I began to see a shift in my mind. I started to feel warm inside- light and calm, the first time in a very long time. Many characteristics including care, love, and worthiness, were extended to those around me but she pointed me in the direction that gave me the power to give those to myself as well. Her program has surfaced the tools needed to continue facing day-to-day activities with a fresh perspective. Sharna and her program have proved to me that the strength is from within, and I am ever so thankful.


$497.00 AUD