$4,999.00 AUD

Bespoke Program Design Intensive Full Payment

Using the IHPL Unique Course Design Method, Touch & Transform even more people's lives with a Practitioner Program OR unique & powerful offering. 

Take your magic to the next level.

What you'll receive:

  1. Your Human design - Know how to work with your unique energy & from there how to set up your unique program
  2. Crystal clear Clarity on your Program
  3. Build it out using my proven signature system
  4. How to authentically price & market your offer. 


** In just 5 Sessions you will have your Unique program built & ready to market **


What People Are Saying:

I needed someone to walk me through the steps hold my hand and show me it wasn’t beyond my scope to create. Sharna does this with so much grace and clarity exactly what I needed!


Before investing in the Bespoke Course Creation Program I was wanting to remodel my current offerings and needed motivation to get it started. As I worked through it with Sharna I realised I needed someone else to be looking and helping my thought processes. The accountability made such a difference and Sharna’s knowledge and guidance was just what I needed. I now have a new 3 month program developed that is hybrid and able to offer so much more to my clients. Thank you Sharna!!


Thank you for creating and offering the next thing I needed to grow, expand & gain clarity with my programs