$57.00 AUD

5 Day Holistic Pregnancy Loss Retreat Replay


For Healthcare Professionals & Loss Mothers Seeking Transformation


Without Feeling Overwhelmed, Referring Clients Away, or Doubting Your Ability To Truly Make A Difference

Thank you for choosing to embark on this transformative journey with us.

The 5-Day Holistic Pregnancy Loss Retreat is an immersive experience designed to support and empower both healthcare professionals and loss mums through the complexities of pregnancy loss. This retreat aims to foster healing, understanding, and empowerment, providing you with the tools and knowledge to navigate this challenging path with compassion and expertise.

What You'll Experience:

Over the course of five days, you will be guided through a comprehensive curriculum that covers:

- Day 1 - Unlocking Grief Literacy: Delve into the emotional processing power and understand the landscape of grief that accompanies pregnancy loss.

- Day 2 - Understand the Lens: Gain insights into the belief system of a loss mum and how it shapes her world view, offering strategies for supportive communication.

- Day 3 - Empowering Bereaved Mothers: Explore identity, purpose, and postnatal support to empower mothers in their journey through and beyond loss.

- Day 4 - Trauma-Informed Care: Learn to discover healing through a trauma-informed lens, focusing on strategies that address the underlying trauma associated with loss.

- Day 5 - Nervous System & Fertility: Understand the critical relationship between the nervous system and fertility, including how stress and emotional well-being impact reproductive health.

Who This Retreat Is For:

This retreat is meticulously crafted for:
- Healthcare Professionals seeking to deepen their understanding and enhance their capacity to support bereaved families with empathy and expertise.
- Loss Mums looking for a supportive community, understanding, and strategies to navigate their healing journey.
- Anyone committed to making a difference in the field of pregnancy loss support, including birth workers and pregnancy loss practitioners.

Your Path to Empowerment:

By joining us, you're not just attending a retreat; you're stepping into a community dedicated to changing the way pregnancy loss is understood and supported. You'll leave not only with deeper insights and practical tools but also with a renewed sense of purpose and a network of support that extends beyond the retreat.