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Take up this opportunity to ask questions, gain clarity around the content that you are learning & most importantly - HOW you can integrate the knowledge using a structured session tailored TO YOU.

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Postnatal Support for Bereaved mums

Supporting women even if they don't have a living baby at home!


The course is divided up into 3 Core Modules:

1. Comprehend - Pregnancy Loss and Postnatal Grief

2. Act - Practical Ways to Support Bereaved Mothers Postnatally

3. Reflect & Elevate - Your Role & Elevating Care and Support


What you will gain:

1. Enhanced Empathy and Patient Care:

- Develop a deeper understanding of the emotional and physical challenges faced by patients who have experienced pregnancy loss and postpartum experiences without a living baby.
- Cultivate heightened empathy, enabling you to provide more compassionate and personalized care to individuals who have gone through these experiences.

2. Access to Resources:

- Access a wealth of professional resources and guidance to better support patients dealing with postpartum mental health challenges, such as depression, anxiety, and grief.
- Equip yourself with evidence-based tools and knowledge to offer more effective care and treatment options, improving patient outcomes.

3. Comprehensive Patient Support:

- Utilize a holistic approach to patient care, incorporating self-care and healing strategies into your practice.
- Offer patients a well-rounded support system that addresses not only their physical health but also their emotional well-being, ensuring a more comprehensive and patient-centered approach to care.


- A Multidisciplinary approach to healing

Guest expert interviews with professionals in the Postpartum & healing space.