Epigenetics through the lens of Pregnancy Loss & trauma healing

Welcome to the Epigenetics through the lens of Pregnancy Loss & Trauma Healing Program Checkout

This comprehensive program is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of epigenetics and its relationship to pregnancy loss and trauma, as well as effective techniques for healing and empowering change.

We will be covering 10 modules including:

The modules include:

1. Epigenetics & its relationship with Pregnancy Loss Trauma

2. Understanding Epigenetics

3. Pregnancy Loss: Types and Causes

4. Epigenetics and Maternal Health

5. Epigenetics and Paternal Factors

6. Epigenetics and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

7. The Negative Effects of Unchanged Epigenetics

8. Empowering Change: Epigenetic Interventions

9. Positive Outcomes through Epigenetic Changes

10. Managing and Reducing Risks

PLUS exploring intergenerational patterns as well. I LOVE THIS TOPIC!!

I look forward to seeing you inside!!

$1,800.00 AUD